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The biennial Festival of Performing Arts and Queer Arts

Artistic Direction Karma B and Margò Paciotti

The first edition of the Queer Summer Festival will start on 31 August and run until 17 September. The project, supported by Roma Capitale – Department of Culture, was the winner of the biennial “Estate Romana 2023-2024” public competition, curated by the Department of Cultural Activities, and has been developed in collaboration with SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers).

“Humanities” is the subtitle chosen by the artistic directors, Karma B and Margò Paciotti, who are at the helm of this biennial festival of performing arts and queer arts. This new festival by Ondadurto Teatro will come to life in theatres, urban cultural spaces (Monk Roma, Largo Venue, Centrale Preneste Teatro, Bar.Lina) and online, featuring an international flavour while not forgetting its Italian cultural roots.

This event will take place in several of Rome’s Municipal Zones around the capital city, with the aim and ambition of establishing a decentralised hub for sharing and exchange that will reach a wide range of people and the most curious of audience members, through a variety of forms of expression, including the performing arts, music, talks, installations and contemporary art. The variety of artistic languages has been carefully selected to broaden the scope in a deliberate effort by the festival organisers to avoid the common pitfall of “pandering to the base” and to appeal to a new audience base.

The Queer Summer Festival is destined to change the cultural landscape with its vivid colours, bright lights and even its shadows. The show opens at dusk and lives for the night, right at the moment when dreams take shape. The event is a self-narrative space for QUEER cultures and gender non-discrimination. A place where artists from different worlds can find a safe space in which they feel honoured and respected. In the real world, such spaces are not freely given, but must be conquered.

The mission of the Queer Summer Festival is to support artists and creators alike of all ages, genders and backgrounds, offering them a place where, together, they can create a new vision of the world, which incorporates an artistic and ethical responsibility for the future. This is why there are people who still fight to create spaces of visibility and self-representation.

“We don’t need someone to tell us about our own feelings and emotions”, the artistic direction explains, “we women, men, transgender and non-binary people need to be free to create our own art spaces. We have a duty to connect with a new audience, which has been bombarded with incorrect information.

We want to create a summer space featuring the artistic encounter between new forms of contemporary society and families, at a time of year – the Halcyon days of summer – when everyone can truly savour exciting new experiences”. 




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